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Frequently asked Questions

  • How to sell cryptocurrency?

    On the Finector P2P platform, you can sell cryptocurrency instantly and securely! First, select the cryptocurrency you want to sell and the best offer from other users. To place an order, you need to transfer the cryptocurrency you want to sell to your P2P wallet.
  • How to protect yourself from fraud?

    Finector P2P has a mechanism for holding cryptocurrency funds within any pending transaction. This is one of several security measures on the platform. The mechanism prevents incidents of theft or fraud by strengthening the level of trust in the platform, and prevents attackers from stealing your money or cryptocurrency without completing their part of the transaction.
  • As a P2P trader, how am I protected?

    All online transactions are protected by the escrow system. At the time of placing the offer, the amount of cryptocurrency indicated in the ad is automatically reserved on the seller's P2P wallet. If the seller decides to hide with your money and does not transfer the cryptocurrency you purchased, our support staff will transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet using the reserved funds.
  • What payment methods, currencies and countries do you support

    The system works with the main popular payment systems in the following countries and currencies: Russia (RUB), Belarus (BYN), Ukraine (UAH), Kazakhstan (KZT), United Arab Emirates (AED)
  • How to buy cryptocurrency?

    Register as a user on the Finector P2P platform. 1. Choose the best offer for you from all available on the trading platform. 2. Place an order to buy cryptocurrency. Next, pay the seller depending on your preferred payment method. 3. Receive the cryptocurrency transfer from the merchant after completing the fiat transaction and confirming the payment to Finector P2P.
  • What are the transaction fees?

    There are no commissions on Finector P2P for both buyers and sellers and ad creators.
  • The offers I see on the P2P platform are published on behalf of Finector?

    The offers you see on the P2P offer list page are not posted on behalf of Finector. Finector only provides a platform for trading, and offers are published by users on an individual basis.
  • Will I receive a notification when there is a new order?

    You will receive a notification by E-mail or SMS, if you have enabled them earlier in the settings.